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“Tall Tales” and Other Truths // 4:00pm-7:00pm

Friday, March 3rd, 4pm-7pm Drawing Rooms

An image of a totem-like figure comprised of appliance parts
Willie Cole, Collage 4, photocopy on paper, 60" x 40

“Tall Tales” and Other Truths 2/16/23 - 4/22/23

This exhibition features artists whose work draws deeply from personal ancestry and cultural history, Artists include:

Aliza Augustine: an Israeli born photographer confronting the Holocaust, Feminism, Genocide, Gender, and Race.

Adrienne Wheeler: whose family history spans 200 years in Newark, NJ, creates works which blur the lines between spirituality, ancestry, oral history, and social engagement.

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem: a multimedia artist of Yamassee Creek-Seminole Native American and African American ancestry.

Michael Pribich: an artist of Mexican descent whose work explores labor as cultural production.

Noelle Lorraine Williams: a Newark artist showing works from her ongoing project Monumental Spirit: Re-imagined Sites of 19th Century. an exhibition of Newark’s Black Abolitionist Historical Monuments Re-imagined.

Willie Cole: the critically acclaimed NJ-based artist has been altering perceptions of household objects since the 1990s. He ingeniously transforms steam irons, ironing boards, hairdryers, and high-heeled shoes into powerful sculptures, installations, and works on paper. Mining his own African-American heritage, Cole creates work that celebrates African art and culture and confronts viewers with the painful history of slavery in America


  • Not Wheelchair Accessible.

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Phone: 201-208-8032



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