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Inside the Mind and Soul of Biagio // 11am-10pm

Friday, March 3rd, 11am-10pm Biagio Art

A white on black logo representing the artist’s, Biagio’s signature with the handle @BiagioArtist added on top

The Biagio Art Studio Gallery will be hosting its grand opening to the public on March 3, 2023 11am - 10pm. The studio gallery will showcase artwork from different periods of Biagio’s art life as well as the opportunity to see his creation space in various media. For the largest time of Biagio’s art career, he created most of his work on the skin with his tattoo art. Each tattoo creation is an original illustration of each wearers personal story, energy and character. Biagio had approached the art of tattoo differently than most in his field by unifying the client to the tattoo in this manner. His formal wall art is the other side of Biagio’s creative output. You can see how he explores the ideas of visual aesthetics and pushes the boundaries way beyond what is tattoo or even traditional fine art. Come and see the visual journey for yourself. Biagio will be present and creating art during the event. All are welcome to view and ask questions while there.


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Wheelchair access in the rear

  • After 6pm, the building entrance may be locked. Just call and someone will come down to open

COVID-19 Protocols

  • None




Phone: 862-335-2715



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