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List your Event for ACCESS JC Fridays on JUNE 2nd

During JC Fridays, the public are invited to tour businesses, galleries, bars, venues and art-related spaces to see a variety of artwork and to enjoy the spirit and culture of the city as they mingle with other residents and visitors.

We invite you to stay open late during JC Fridays to host a special event, like openings for a new artist, live music or special classes! Events submitted through this page must have a confirmed location. 

Art House is committed to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and encourages members of the Jersey City community who are underrepresented to submit. Art House encourages all participating venues to compensate their artists for their participation.

Each June, we present ACCESS JC Fridays, which focuses on inclusion and accessibility. Art House encourages participating venues to present work from artists with disabilities and/or work that celebrates disability in any of its many forms. We also encourage venue partners to make their physical space accessible to all, including large print materials, ASL interpretation, Captioning, and sensory tours.


  • Free and open to the public

  • Located in or affiliated with Jersey City

  • Arts-related (all art forms welcome)

  • Feature artists with disabilities, work about the disability experience, or provide accessible accommodations for your patrons (like being wheelchair accessible, providing large-print labels, etc)

Click here to read our partner guidelines.

*NEW* PAYMENT Structure in 2023:

JC Fridays has a required submission fee. Art House Productions,

the nonprofit that runs JC Fridays, uses the submissions fees to pay

JC Fridays staff, website and printing costs.

If you are a sponsor looking to cover submissions fees for participants,

please reach out to


June 2, 2023 Submissions Open: Monday, April 3, 2023 at 12pm

Early Submission/Print Deadline: Friday, May 5, 2023 - $15 

(to be included in printed posters, event listings,press release, etc)

- Pay via PayPal Early Submission Fee

Late Submission/Online Deadline: EXTENDED - Friday, May 16, 2023 - $25

(to be included on the website and online event listings)

- Pay via PayPal Late Submission Fee

(if you must pay via a different method, please email Alicia Wright at

Questions? Email

2023 JC Fridays Dates:

March 3 | June 2 Access | September 8 | December 1

As presenters of JC Fridays, Art House Productions reserves the right to discontinue partnerships with any event host(s) we feel do not meet standards of professional conduct in their work with artists and audiences. Reported inappropriate, overly intoxicated and/or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate exclusion from future JC Fridays events.


Examples of Professional Conduct:

  • Presenters must be present and professional in dealing with artists and audiences before, during, and after JC Fridays

  • Agreements with Artists presenting work must be adhered to including, but not limited to, being available for the drop off/pick up dates stated and present during JC Fridays.


Benefits of Hosting an Event

  • 61% of participants report a significant increase in foot traffic into their establishments on JC Fridays.

  • 62% of businesses that participated in JC Fridays reported an increase in sales on JC Fridays as compared to a typical Friday ($250-500 more).

  • The Art House Quarterly (AHQ) brochure reaches approximately 20,000 people annually. 

How We Promote

The focus of JC Fridays' marketing campaign is to encourage residents and visitors alike to come spend a beautiful art-filled day in Jersey City. Our promotional efforts include:


  • Regular local and regional press coverage

  • Printed flyers and posters

  • Free and paid social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Digital advertising in local and regional news outlets

  • Email marketing to 20,000+ mailing list

  • website

  • Strategic partnerships with community organizations

  • Printed event listings brochures (AHQs) Temporarily paused during COVID-19

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