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on December 4, 2020 


Use the link above to submit your event to JC Fridays. Learn more below. 

Submissions Close: Tuesday, November 10 @5pm

How to Get Involved with JC Fridays

If you're an artist: 
If you have a venue or business in Jersey City where you plan on showcasing your work, FANTASTIC! Make sure you speak with your venue partner about setting up a specific event for JC Fridays and submit using the submission above. If you need help finding a venue partner, reach out to us-


If you're a venue/business: 

If you have an arts event you plan on presenting for JC Fridays, FANTASTIC! Fill out the submission form above with all the info and we can take it from there. If you are not sure if your event qualifies, or if you want to participate but need to connect with an artist, contact us!-


Submissions generally open two months before the next JC Fridays and close one month before. We need at least four weeks to send the listings to our graphic designer and then to our printer to have the Art House Quarterly (where JC Fridays events are listed) printed. Additionally we need time to update this website, create the press release, facebook event, e-blasts, and social media campaigns. If you have missed the deadline, but still want to be featured online, email us at

JC Fridays is a free arts festival across Jersey City, NJ presented by Art House Productions. It is held four times a year at the start of every season: March, June, September, and December.

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