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Return to the Mothership // 5:00pm-9:00pm

Friday, March 1, 5pm-9pm

Pro Arts Jersey City

The Arts Center at 111 First Street called itself the heart of creativity in Jersey City. It was no idle boast. While it stood, it was a hub of activity for painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, and others engaged in radical acts of seeing and being. The community living and working at 111 imparted its offbeat, restless, open-hearted personality to the city. That was more than fifteen years ago, and the town has since changed. But if you know how to look, you can still see the peculiar imprint of 111 First Street all over Jersey City. After the demolition, the displaced tenants of 111 didn’t stop pushing themselves; they continued to challenge themselves and their audiences. Though many of them have moved far away, it’s always rewarding to check in on what they’re doing now. Because in telling their stories, we’re telling ours.

-Tris McCall


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • We are conscious of people with disabilities therefore we are careful about the height of artworks from the floor, we provide labeling that can be read easily, accompanying exhibition information is printed at 16pt type.

  • Questions or concerns should be sent to


Phone: 201-771-2781



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