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Words & Drums // 7pm-10pm

Friday, June 2nd, 7pm-10pm Destination Art Space & Greenville Arts Crossroads

Melida Rodas

This Greenville based collective invites you to celebrate the words of homegrown poets accompanied by Jersey City percussionist, Carmen Arroyo. Curated by Rescue Poetix, this poetry event is where rhythm, words and community bloom. Don’t miss this evening of refined groove ending with world music from, Georgina - La China Sonidera. Program produced by Melida Rodas of “Greenville Arts Crossroads” & “Destination Art Space”

Greenville Arts Crossroads: is a Jersey City based collective on a mission to celebrate the vibrant art and cultural community that lives and thrives in South Jersey City.

Destination Art Space / D.A.S: is a collective of audaciously, nomadic, whimsical, cheerful people.

D.A.S. Dares to celebrate the intersection of art & technology; the ethereal, spiritual, immersive experiences it enables us to create.

D.A.S. Aspires to create safe spaces for meditating on the sublime utterances of others. Aims to encourage us to experience poetry in a healing, deeper, more profound way.

D.A.S. Aims to facilitate connection, shared experiences and learning through the natural world.

Founded by: Melida

“What art offers is Space. A certain breathing room for the spirit. “ -John Updike


  • Wheelchair Accessible


Website: @greenvilleartscrossroad


Phone: 201-381-3333



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