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Venus Was Her Name // 4pm-7pm

Friday, September 8, 4pm-7pm

Doris Cacoilo, Nurse (from the series Made for Muses)

September 8th-September 30 Opening reception as part of JCFridays: Friday, September 8th 4-7pm

Artist talk and closing reception: Saturday September 30th 1-4pm

Doris Cacoilo

Beth DiCara

Trish Gianakis

Meg Klim

Stacey As Pritchard

Heather Williams

Sidney Yavelle

Evening Star Studio presents the group exhibition, Venus Was Her Name, showcasing ceramic works by seven artists exploring mythologies, gender, spirit and power.

The sculptural ceramic works in the exhibition explore themes of gender and power through ancestral, historical and spiritual narratives drawing from mythology, art, science and literature. Ancestral spirits and goddesses who are the universe, keepers of the natural world, personifications of beauty and love, mothers of water and war, all become muses for these artists. Mentors, ancestors and personal heroes are filtered through the lens of historical and contemporary spiritual power. Through these ceramic objects, visitors can find courage and motivation to step into a tangible representation of these power stories of faith and fantasy, good and bad, biomorphic and ephemeral, now and then. These works that range from figural representations to abstract pieces give us a glimpse of the roles of spirit, body, the goddess and the guide. These stories that are told faithfully or cynically aim to empower and create opportunities to resist, recognize inner power and rise up with goddess energy.


  • Not Wheelchair Accessible




Phone: ‪201-388-7323



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