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Turning Point(s) 1 X 4 // 5pm-8pm

Friday, June 2nd, 7pm-10pm Outliers Gallery

The image is a close up view of a traffic sign with an arrow pointing upwards, bending towards the right.
Dorie Dahlberg

The four members of the cooperative Outliers Gallery have each selected one piece to represent a change in their artist direction. Whether through process, medium, or thematic approach, Brad Terhune, Dorie Dahlberg, Edward Fausty, and Francisco Silva, will present a single work they recognize as a turning point in their artistic journeys. Outliers Gallery is located at ART150, Studio No. 246. The new legal address for the entrance on the corner of First & Provost is 157A First St. (formerly 150 Bay St.) in Jersey City. The reception will be 5:00-8:00pm, June 2nd during JCFridays.


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Questions? Contact Brad Terhune 973-896-6488


Instagram: @outliers_gallery_jc


Phone: 973-896-6488



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