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Danielle Scott: Knfolk Exhibit // 4:00pm-7:00pm

Friday, March 3rd, 4pm-7pm NJCU / Harold B. Lemmerman Gallery

This mixed media artwork shows four young black boys sitting together in clothing decorated in different patterns.
@Mdphotoandink, Courtesy of the artist.

This exhibition presents the artist Danielle Scott’s dedication to social commentary and ancestral storytelling. The artist spent over a year visiting plantations in the United States sourcing materials and historical documentation in order to connect to these stories and visualize them in these works. She feels a calling to tell the stories of ancestors, of warriors, of love, of sadness and of resilience. This collection integrates photographs, delicate papers, reprinted documents, fabrics and objects to create layered portraits of the lineage of black families across generations.

Danielle Scott is a cultural explorer, activist and artist that breathes in the history and spirits of HER PEOPLE. Scott uses research to tell the unheard stories, transforming her into the storyteller, the mother, the daughter and the history of her subjects. In past work, Scott has addressed stereotypes and archetypes, systematic racism, and gun control. In her most recent collection, the BERTHher series (2019-2021), her focus was to share the stories of women through a joyful celebration of power and triumph.

This exhibition stems from an exhibition, Ancestral Call, presented by Gallery Aferro from October 7, 2022 to January 21, 2023, and originally curated by Anthony E. Boone and Bryant Small. Special thanks to Gallery Aferro directors and the artists for their collaboration.


  • Wheelchair Accessible.

  • Contact Gallery Director Midori Yoshimoto for any information and questions about accessibility.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • None




Phone: 201-200-3246


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