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TIME // 6pm-9pm

Friday, December 1, 6pm-9pm

Backroom Arts

157A 1st Street, (corner of Provost St), 2nd floor, STUDIO 225

The image is a close up of the exploding clock.
Close up of "Up In Smoke" Assemblage by Nanette Reynolds Beachner

The closing event for TIME, the solo exhibition of Nanette Reynolds Beachner that reflect her decades long riff on the theme. Featuring never before seen mixed media assemblage, sculpture and collage, depicting her experiences grappling with the hours that have passed in her life. The works appear fantastical, yet the often-surreal imagery depicts universal stories we all share. Nanette Reynolds Beachner invite viewers to take a journey, explore the unexpected, and make a discovery.





Phone: 917-370-6214


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