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The Sacred & The Sublime: Works by Katie Niewodowski and Rita Jimenez CLOSING PARTY // 5pm-8pm

Friday, June 2nd, 5pm-8pm The Arts at St. Paul & Incarnation

Poster for The Sacred & The Sublime showing colorful works by Katie Niewodowski and Rita Jimenez. Both round, one is a painting and one a projection, are arranged to suggest a yin yang image.
The Sacred & The Sublime graphic

For the unveiling of the newly renovated Carr Hall, the Arts at St. Paul and Incarnation (ASPI) is pleased to present The Sacred & The Sublime: Works by Katie Niewodowski and Rita Jimenez. These two Hudson County based visual artists masterfully explore the mysteries of life by investigating its various elements, albeit in very different ways.

Niewodowski's work is a meditation on the phenomenon of life and the creative structures that perpet­uate it. She explores the interconnectedness that exists in our universe such as patterns in nature, the body, and mathematics such as the Golden Ratio, fractals, and sacred geometry. Her paintings, draw­ings, and sculptures examine the visual representations of this macro and microcosmic field and seek to understand the systems that connect it.

Jimenez, on the other hand, works mostly with light to explore the mystical and ethereal aspects of life. Found objects such as mirrors, colored glass, and light reflecting materials like iridescent film, mylar, and fabric are combined with video projections to explore the idea of the Ultimate Feeling. She creates sublime moments that draw inspiration from ethereal and ineffable experiences like dreams, deja vu, and childhood memories, documenting intimate experiences with natural phenomena like prismatic light refractions, glittering water, and diffracted sunlight.

Closed since the onset of COVID, Carr Hall, thanks in part to a grant from Jersey City's Arts & Culture Trust Fund, now boasts refinished floors, newly painted walls with an art hanging system, a new track lighting system and a handicapped accessible bathroom. Curated by Amy Neufeld, ASPI is excited to pair these two thrilling artists together in a refreshed space in what is sure to be a thought-provoking show.

This event will be the closing party for this show.


  • Not Wheelchair Accessible

  • Large print signage and show information will be available. Accessible bathrooms.




Phone: 201-433-4922



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