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Studio 357 presents Hero Worship

A recreation of DaVinci's last supper created from collaged super hero action figures. The figures are brightly painted and are installed in a black shadow box.  Studio 357 logo is comprised of 2 thin circle outlines, one inside the other. Inside is elegent thin type “Studio” underneath are the numbers 357.

Hero Worship curated by Orlando Cuevas

“Hero Worship” is an exhibit inspired by my life long love of comic book characters. Two years ago I made my my first comic book based work of art.

That has lead me to create a body of work celebrating these characters.

I looked around and realized many talented artist are using comic book characters as part of their subject matter. It is very common, it is like we share a common belief system, “Hero Worship.

Artists in the show include Ray Arcadio, Orlando Cuevas, Laura McDonald, Francisco Mendieta, Duda Penteado, Eric Sosa and more.

This inaugural exhibit at Studio 357.

Studio 357 is a small exhibition space in the home / studio of husband and wife team Laura McDonald and Orlando Cuevas. Their hope is to showcase their work along with other artist who's work we love.



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