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Story Lines // 5pm-9pm

Friday, September 8, 5pm-9pm

Story Lines explores the inspiration behind works by Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Stephanie Guillen, and PE Pinkman in an intriguing group show that explores volatile societal issues, historical events, and personal journeys in trying times.

Often the trigger behind the creation of a work of art is not always known, even to the artists themselves. However, in the case of the art presented here, each artist was compelled to begin work by specific events. Whether using art to bring attention to society’s flaws, or convey the feelings inspired by a tragic past, or to survive the isolation of COVID, each artist takes a deep dive to tell their tale. The opportunity to learn what launched the mixed media, photography, sculpture, and paintings presented in Story Lines, allows viewers a chance to engage with the art on a more personal level. And in doing so, come to understand more about each artist and their art.

BACKROOM Arts welcomes the opportunity to showcase our newly opened cooperative artist gallery in the Art150 exhibition space. As a newbie amongst the 150 Bay group of artists, our immediate challenge has been for audiences to find us down the meandering corridors. We hope this exhibition shines some light on our work, and you will take the time to find our flashing B sign at BACKROOM Arts’ Studio 225 in future.


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • We are conscious of people with disabilities therefore we are careful about the height of artworks from the floor, we provide labeling that can be read easily, accompanying exhibition information is printed at 16pt type and the Pro Arts Jersey website is easily navigated by all. Questions or concerns should be sent to




Phone: ‪201-771-2781


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