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SMUSH Gallery: Occupation: Artists in 2020 - Curator's Tour

Curator Morgaine De Leonardis walks you through "Occupation: Artists in 2020," on view at SMUSH! Occupation: Artists in 2020 is a reflection of the careers and daily lives of the working, hustling, and unemployed artists in America’s 2020. Featuring photography, painting, drawing, collage, and digital painting by Gail Schulman, F. M. Yay, Anna Gichan, Joy Douglas, Shanel Edwards, Kelly Bartnik, and Joselia Hughes, curated by Morgaine De Leonardis.

View In Person + Online

Gallery hours Saturdays 12-3p // Online gallery available all hours <3

Live Streamed Performance: December 5, 7p

Panel Discussion via Zoom: December 15, 7p

A black queer non-binary femme is lying on their bed wearing a burnt orange shirt and their locs tied up in a bun. Their left hand is laying on their head and they are looking up with eyes closed. Their room is salmon pink on the walls with light decor. There is a budding altar at the foot of their bed.  The top left corner reads "Occupation: Artists in 2020."



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