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Singer-Songwriter Jack Halpin

Jack is shown standing against a wall, part red brick & part wood painted 2 shades of green. He has a grey beard & hair. Is wearing black chunky glasses, black cap, a black unzipped hoodie, and a grey Jersey City t-shirt with 4 images of The Powerhouse Building.

Jack Halpin has been a member of the Jersey City Cultural Community for almost 20 years. As former Artistic Director of Art House Productions he facilitated, hosted, and collaborated on works from hundreds of area artists, groups, speakers and performers through their long running Open Mic series, innovative theatrical productions, JC Fridays multi arts events, and various festivals. He is a stage and screen actor who, for the last several years has focused on music and writing songs, nurtured by growing up in a family and among friends surrounded by a variety of music; and now finds inspiration in the vitality of the JC Area Music Scene.



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