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Return to the Sugar Factory // 8pm-9:30pm

Friday, September 8, Doors: 8pm, 8:30pm-9:30pm

he image shows a cartoon version of singer and synth player Tris McCall knee-deep in the New Jersey swamps.
BARC the Dog & Tokar -- Wonderbunker Studios

One score and zero years ago, we conceived and brought upon this earth a freaked-out, buzz-filled rock album called Shootout at the Sugar Factory. Twenty years later, we're celebrating the creation and curious persistence of the Shootout with a visually-enhanced synthesizer meltdown at the new Art House Theater in Downtown Jersey City. This show, which happens on Friday, September 8, is musically directed by Shootout producer Jay Braun. It'll be part of the Jersey City Fridays celebration, so it's free.

The original Shootout was an attempt to grapple with the exigencies of life in Hudson County: high-speed redevelopment, mass transit, urban politics, commuting in the wake of 9/11, and our relationship with the behemoth on the other side of the Hudson. If you remember the album, you might think, as I do, that its themes are just as relevant in 2023 as they were in 2003. So this show is our message to you -- a staccato, crackling, nervous, electrified transmission designed to overload your receiver. We hope you'll spend an hour on our wavelength.

Return to the Sugar Factory (Shootout at the Sugar Factory, revisited in its entirety)

September 8, 2023

Art House Productions 345 Marin Blvd.



  • Wheelchair Accessible



Phone: ‪201-253-7404


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