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Project Greenville: It's A Family Affair!

September 10, 4pm - 7pm

Join Project Greenville this Friday & Saturday as we present our crossover group art show, It's A Family Affair...celebrating the creativity, community, competition and camaraderie that only family can create! Inspired by the amazing art and music we have hosted over the years created, sometimes, by members of the same families--sometimes drastically different in style from one another and other times clearly cut from the same cloth--this collection of individual pieces, collaborations & inspirations will showcase how the closeness of family forms a very special influence.

See our Facebook page for more details including a full list of participants and come join us in-person in our Greenville community space for art, music & light refreshments! If you miss us in September, you can also check this show out in October as part of the JCAST...bring your family over to come meet ours <3

128 Winfield Avenue

Jersey City, NJ

Project Greenville will also be open on Saturday, September 12 from 4pm-7pm.

Phone: 646-361-1858

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Outside Venue

  • Sanitation stations for patrons/customers

The art and music area is accessible to patrons with disabilities, but our bathroom is difficult to reach if someone has anything more than a cane to assist them getting around. Elizabeth Deegan is happy to field any questions (I can provide photos or measurements etc as they relate to the accessibility) and can be reached directly at our public phone number, aka my cell phone :)



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