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Playing Silly Games // 4pm-7pm

Friday, June 2nd, 4pm-7pm Evening Star Studio Gallery

 ceramic sculpture of a seated toy monkey with silver cymbals and large eyes sitting on a yellow chair against a brick wall.
Jenny Reed, Monkey See Monkey Do

Opening reception as part of JCFridays Friday, June 2nd 4-7pm, Closing reception Saturday July 8th 1-4pm, Gallery hours daily 9am-1pm and by appointment.

Doris Caçoilo, Beth DiCara, Kate Eggleston, Mary Jeys, Jin Jung, Jenny Reed, Laurie Carretta Scupp, Atsuko Watanabe

Evening Star Studio presents the group exhibition, Playing Silly Games, showcasing ceramic works by eight artists exploring toys, games and childhood imaginings.

The sculptures illustrate the often dismissed magic of toys and games, childhood dreams and the joy of long days learning about the world through play. The artists explore these familiar and often nostalgic icons of childhood through figurative representations and recreations as well as abstraction and symbolism. Through these ceramic objects, visitors can find threads to childhood as well as important messages and reminders about the role of games and our need for connection and play throughout our lives.

Evening Star Studio Gallery 11 Monitor Street Jersey City NJ


  • Not Wheelchair Accessible

  • Only way into the venue is stairs.




Phone: 201-388-7323



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