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"Oceans and Deserts" Oil Paintings by Peter Delman

"Colander Kelp" - oil on canvas, Peter Delman

June 3, 4:00pm-9:00pm

263 Fifth Street

Jersey City, NJ

An exhibition of recent paintings by Peter Delman entitled "Oceans and Deserts".

The work is displayed in several rooms of a restored Harsimus Cove row house.

The artist is happy to answer any questions. Delman says of this work, "Both the fluidity of the ocean and the ubiquitous shaping by water of desert geology and flora are echoed in the very fluid process of painting. Perhaps paradoxically, the marks left by water are abundantly clear everywhere in the desert. The graceful colander kelp has evolved to be enveloped in water.

The desert succulent is structured to preserve a microcosm of water within. Both worlds express exquisite fluidity. I know when I've found the right image when it somehow matches a shape in my inner landscape. As Ishmael puts ii in Moby Dick, "It is not down in any map, true places never are."


Email: Phone: (802) 557-7031



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