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Flash Fiction Friday: There's No Place Like Home

Friday, September 9th, 7pm-9pm

Jersey City Writers

JCW's logo, featuring a black silhouette of a staircase on a turquoise blue background. In white letters next to the staircase image, it states "Jersey City Writers. Write. Share. Grow."

Sure, you can tell a tale, but can you do it in a FLASH? Time to prove it! Home is the sweetest place, so let's celebrate it! In honor of JCW's new in-person space, tell us your best story about home -- whatever that means to you. Then, answer questions in our trivia contest about domiciles of all kinds. Tell us a story using no more than 150 words. Each writer will read their piece aloud (or get a friend to do it for them) and the audience will vote for their favorite. Winner gets bragging rights, the envy of their peers, and a prize, so bring it! After the readings, you have another chance to win! Test your topical knowledge with our interactive, multimedia trivia quiz, featuring photos, songs, quotes, and more. The trivia questions are based on our theme of the month, and we always include questions about writers!


COVID-19 Protocols

  • The event will be compliant with all government COVID-19 guidelines, as well as any guidelines set by the Elevator Building.


Phone: (917) 456-7901


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