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Chutes and Ladders: Theda Sandiford

Chutes and Ladders Vintage Gi Joe action figures, black metallic yarn, handmade eyelash yarn, black and brown cotton/rayon poly blend fabric, African printed fabric, vintage African fabric wrapped on recycled polyurethane spliced jungle gym rope netting. 79 x 24 x 72 in 2022

June 3, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Art 150, Studio #231

150 Bay St, 2nd Floor

Jersey City, NJ 07302

Studio 231 is part of the studio complex at 150 Bay Street.

NOTE: Entrance lobby for the 2nd floor studios is separate from the residential units of 150 Bay and can be found at the NE corner of the building, at the corner of 1st St. and Provost St.

Despite a growing commitment to racial equity, the day-to-day experiences of women of color are not improving. Women of color face similar types and frequencies of disrespectful and “othering” behavior as they did two years ago before the Black Lives Matter movement galvanized worldwide.

Most days, I feel like I am scrambling to the top of Chutes and Ladders’, board game. For each step forward, take two steps back. Land on good deeds of allyship to climb ladders, but watch out for the haters, their passive aggressive chutes are a doozy and will send you tumbling down the ladder, to start the climb all over, again. - Theda Sandiford


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Features artists with disabilities

COVID-19 Protocols

  • None

Phone: 917-627-9342



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