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Can you tell which is AI Art? with artist Joe Nunez // 2pm-9pm

Friday, December 2nd, 2pm-9pm Sutudu

186 Griffith St. Jersey City, NJ 07307


Ai Art, Digital art, Exhibition, web3 art, conversation piece, painted, digital canvas, NFT utilities, Ai Generators
Can you tell which is Ai Art? /Joe Nunez

Is generated art real art and can you tell the difference? Artist Joe Nunez presents a visual exhibition with artwork made with AI and original pieces, but will you be able to tell us which is the "real" art? At 7pm, we will have a discussion with Joe Nunez about web3 & AI art generators. Is the future of the artist working with (or against) the fast-changing world of technology?


  • Not Wheelchair Accessible.

  • Please only use the front large black duel doors.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Respect space among patrons.




Phone: (201) 377-0650


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