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Can you tell which is AI Art? with artist Joe Nunez // 2pm-9pm

Friday, December 2nd, 2pm-9pm Sutudu


Ai Art, Digital art, Exhibition, web3 art, conversation piece, painted, digital canvas, NFT utilities, Ai Generators
Can you tell which is Ai Art? /Joe Nunez

Is generated art real art and can you tell the difference? Artist Joe Nunez presents a visual exhibition with artwork made with AI and original pieces, but will you be able to tell us which is the "real" art? At 7pm, we will have a discussion with Joe Nunez about web3 & AI art generators. Is the future of the artist working with (or against) the fast-changing world of technology?


  • Not Wheelchair Accessible.

  • Please only use the front large black duel doors.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Respect space among patrons.


Phone: (201) 377-0650


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