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Art House & Dineen Hull Gallery present Living with the INVISIBLE

Sphere of greenery in the center surrounded by yellow background. Painting by Allison Green.

People living with Invisible Disabilities, such as chronic pain or nerve disorders, are often accused of imagining their disabilities. The symptoms are “invisible” because many symptoms are not obvious to the onlooker. It is estimated that 10% of people in the U.S. have a medical condition that could be considered a type of Invisible Disability. This exhibit serves as a safe space for artists to come forward to discuss their lives as creatives, several for the first time speaking publicly. Some artists are the partners or children of a person with an Invisible Disability, while others have managed their health for more than 5 decades.

Artists included: Doris Cacoilo, Donte K. Hayes, Mary Tooley Parker, Allison Green, Roger Sayre, and EunYoung Choi.

Curated by Michelle Vitale



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