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Ann E. Wallace, Writer: Writing My COVID Story, One Poem/Post/Page at a Time

 Image promoting event titled "Writing My COVID Story, One Poem/Post/Page at a Time" with photo of the author, a white woman with short brown hair wearing a white cotton top and with a pulse oximeter on a cord around her neck, standing in a park with the New York City skyline and Freedom Tower in the background.

Back in March, Ann E. Wallace and her teen daughter Molly were among the first Jersey City residents infected with COVID. Ann immediately began chronicling their experience both publicly and privately. Eight months later, Ann, a long-hauler, is still struggling with post-COVID syndrome. Yet throughout her illness, she has been writing, nearly every day, from a poem a day throughout the month of April when she was at her sickest, to personal essays published in HuffPost and USA Today, and more (her publications and media appearances can be found on her website at

Join us for a short poetry reading, followed by conversation between Ann and Jersey City's Jayne Freeman, as they discuss Ann’s early decision to record and share her experience with the deadly virus, and her next plans for this large body of work.



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