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Ani Rosskam and Bill Leech: A Wonderful World // 4pm - 6pm

Friday, December 2nd, 4:00pm-6:00pm Drawing Rooms

Two large abstract paintings, one in reds with a wood plank, one with a black background.
Works by Ani Rosskam and Bill Leech

Please Note: Free Parking in Mana Lot, Enter on Newark Ave.

Ani Rosskam and Bill Leech: A Wonderful World, 9/29/22-1/13/23, presents selections from several recent series of works by each artist. In side-by-side studios in their Roosevelt, NJ house, which overflows with artwork and artifacts, Ani Rosskam and Bill Leech have been creating their own realities for decades. Although their work is very different from one another's, their ideas and styles are sometimes influenced by each other due to proximity and shared sensibilities. The exhibit also brings aspects of Ani and Bill’s home/studio right into Drawing Rooms, including some of the popular cultural and uniquely personal things they keep beside them.


  • Not Wheelchair accessible.

  • Entrance has 2 steps, vehicles can pull onto small sidewalk driveway for access. Contact: James Pustorino 201 208 8032

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks required


Phone: (201) 208 8032



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