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The CoolVines Powerhouse: Photos by Ben Mortimer

September 10, 10am-10pm

"A Dream Motif in Four Variations” Photos by Ben Mortimer arranged by Tory Censits

Ben Mortimer is an artist and organizer of chaotic happenings. He is a member of the Black Label Bike Club, Madagascar Institute, Swimming Cities, and a proud founder of the Leisure Club.

Ben’s photos attempt to pluck clues from the dream world that are hidden all around you in everyday life.

He has curated large artist-driven shows at the Headscapes Warehouse and has been featured by the Clocktower Gallery for their “Anxious Spaces” show at the Knockdown Center. Ben has built many strange things around the world including his “Lookout Tower Drone Organ” for Swoon’s “Dithyrambalina” (Music Box) project run by New Orleans Airlift.

Ben is currently soldering electronic instruments and filming macro shots of incandescent light bulbs and other industrial movements.

CoolVines Powerhouse (wine, beer, spirits, Butler Cafe) is located in the Modera Lofts building at 350 Warren St. Street parking and public parking lots located nearby.

350 Warren St.

Jersey City, NJ

Phone: 201-432-8910



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