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SMUSH Gallery Presents Tour The Zine Show, Hosted by GOMO aka Ghost of Mr. Oberon

Meet GOMO aka the Ghost of Mr. Oberon and tour The Zine Show! He'll sing, you'll laugh, he'll read, you'll contemplate the afterlife and wash it down with a refreshing Coke Zero. After GOMO takes you through his favorite zines, he may feel a song coming on... and he'll try to haunt the Zoom long enough to take your questions and requests.

Text: "SMUSH Gallery presents 'Tour The Zine Show, Hosted by GOMO aka Ghost of Mr. Oberon!" Black and white photograph of a performer in a ghost costume with a microphone and a second musician sitting to the left at a keyboard.
SMUSH Gallery presents "Tour The Zine Show"

About The Zine Show: This fall, SMUSH Gallery presents The Zine Show, a crowd-sourced group exhibition celebrating zines as a medium and an attitude. It is accompanied by The Zine Shop, a pop up shop

for zines and related merchandise, and both are open through October 31.

Please visit for hours and visiting details.

About GOMO: GOMO is a posthumous rock and roll performer. He is also the star of GOMO TV, the band therapy situation dram-edy that premiered via SMUSH Gallery in July 2020. Tune in - Season 2 of GOMO TV premieres September 16 via SMUSH. GOMO is the creation of Rachel Murdy, a singer, performance artist, and theater deviser from New York City.



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