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Project Greenville (Jersey (Broad) City)

March 4, 4pm-7pm

128 Winfield Avenue Jersey City, NJ

Join Project Greenville this Friday and Saturday as we celebrate the women who've helped shape the strength and diversity of both Project Greenville and Jersey City...friends, neighbors, artists, pros/amateurs, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and widows <3

Featuring a variety of talented female artists hailing from New Jersey to kick off Women's History Month, including live music Saturday by Sofia Oro! It's sure to be a beautiful example of strength, creativity and camaraderie.

We ask that you come with an open heart, a supportive attitude and please be covid considerate :)

Sofia Oro holding guitar
Sofia Oro

We look forward to hosting this very special, all-female for the first time ever, Project Greenville event and hope to see you there!

Mary Kate McCrary

Phone: 646-361-1858

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Sanitation stations for patrons/customers



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