NOW Project Space: Project Windows, "Hopeful" by Charlie Hewitt & "HAVEN" by Vikki

September 10, 4pm-9pm

NOW Project Space for the Arts (NPSA) is where artists install public works in storefront windows in an effort to exhibit, experiment, or realize a visually artistic concept. NPSA is pleased to present project windows, "Hopeful" by Charlie Hewitt and present project windows, "HAVEN" by Vikki Michalios.

This "Hopeful" piece came first from the desire to use words and lights in a public art piece. It was originally installed on a roof in Portland Maine …that piece was 24 feet long since then at least 15 variations... ranging from 5 feet signs like this one here ... to 30 feet long have been installed in public locations from Maine to Maryland. United Way of Maine has commissioned 3 new pieces to be installed in major cities in Maine and they are using the Hopeful image as part of their fundraising campaign this coming year. I am so pleased to be able to bring this message of Hope and Inspiration to Jersey City ... a City that has done so much to transform itself into a vital and exciting creative community. Jersey City has been good to me and my family ... I hope that this piece lighting up a small part of the City will be a beacon of light reflected in a commitment to our better natures. - Charlie Hewitt

Charlie Hewitt, a prolific printmaker, painter and sculptor, lives and works in Portland, Maine. Stylistically rooted in expressionism and surrealism, Hewitt's art is both playful and serious, a quality he shares with artists Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, Paul Klee and his mentor Philip Guston. Hewitt's most important work to date is the Urban Rattle sculpture on the High Line Park in Chelsea, New York. Urban Rattle, located in the courtyard in the back of Ten23, is the only permanent artwork installed along the High Line Park. Charlie Hewitt has since installed large public Urban Rattle sculptures in Lewiston and Portland, Maine. His imagery is largely influenced by the mill-working communities he grew up around. The energy and culture of these communities and the values of church, family and work have infused his artwork and are the foundation of his imagery and symbols. Hewitt's work is represented in numerous collections, including those of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Whitney Museum of American Art, NY; New York Public Library, NY; Brooklyn Museum, NY; Library of Congress, Washington, DC; and the Portland Museum of Art, ME.

The work of Vikki Michalios is about positivity and cheer by using high key colors and upbeat rhythms, layers, texture, depth, all that push the boundaries of aesthetics. I paint intuitively, impulsively, and in the moment involving order, structure, beauty, color, shape, and form for the purpose of helping us to feel and take a sort of vacation from a time of global pandemic, climate change, the me too movement, riots over racial injustice, and our own country uprising against our own government. Doing positive and peaceful work that speaks to a positive mind will make the world brighter and more bearable. Now more than ever is the time to make art and do those things that make us celebrate being human.

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Jersey City, NJ



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