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New Jersey City University Galleries presents Q&A with the Artist Sunil Garg

Artist Sunil Garg smiling in his exhibition, Boundless Light, which is lots of screens with projections of abstract bright colors,at NJCU Visual Arts Gallery
Sunil Garg

The light artist Sunil Garg will provide a brief introduction to his current exhibition, Boundless Light, at NJCU Visual Arts Gallery. Using light, form, color, and movement, Sunil Garg creates site-specific installations to turn NJCU’s Visual Arts Gallery into a multi-sensory environment which visitors can freely explore. Through Garg’s artistry, ordinary materials such as paper, chicken wire, and PVC are morphed into ethereal matter, constantly changing impressions, and reflecting colored lights. The artist will answer questions directly from the audience.

(201) 200-2496


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