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Inside Outside at the Fine Arts Gallery at Saint Peter's University

December 3, 5pm-7pm

The Fine Arts Gallery is pleased to present Inside Outside, a painting show featuring the work of Jennifer Krause Chapeau and Linda Streicher.

J.Krause_Chapeau_Traveler_oil on linen_18x24in

Our world is a complex place, with many layers one over the other. This exhibition explores the dualities of inside and outside space. As we peel back these layers, fascinating things are revealed. It is possible to experience and to see the inside and outside at the same time. That is where the magic begins. How does our perception of our environment change as we move through it? Where do these worlds meet and cross over?

Jennifer Krause Chapeau has always gravitated to the earth and landscape for her subject matter. She is compelled by the vistas she sees as she travels looking out the window of a train or car. She experiments with incorporating a sense of motion, speed, and the passing of time in her canvases.

Linda_Streicher 06_Undertow_oil on canvas_36x36

Linda Streicher has a background in architecture and painting. She said she started using painting to design space but now uses painting to blur the line between representation and abstract, twisting our understanding of perception. She is interested in looking at our environment in a way that opens an awareness of how we perceive ourselves perceiving space.

The exhibition runs from October 28 through December 3, with the opening reception on October 28 from 5 to 7. The show closes on JC Fridays on December 3.

The gallery is free to the public and all are welcome.

During COVID a mask will be required to enter the building along with your vaccination card. We are committed to keeping us all safe. Parking is available on the street.

Mac Mahon Student Center

47 Glenwood Ave., 5th floor

Jersey City, NJ 07306


Phone: 201-761-6484

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination required

  • Masks required



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