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Hudson Stream: Live Stream Demonstration

September 10, 10am-11pm

Dim-lit room with large round wooden table in the middle surrounded by 4 brown chairs. Large black curtains frame the room with a wooden floor.

Hudson Stream is a Live-Streaming and Podcasting company based in the heart of downtown Jersey City's Hamilton Park district. In a wonderful mixed used artists building participants will have a chance to record a conversation in a room built specifically for 4 camera live streaming. With state of the art equipment and a comfortable intimate setting, guests can record a podcast or just a conversation while an engineer switches between camera angles in real-time. The whole event will be live streamed and participants will be sent an edited copy of their portion of footage.

There is plenty of street parking and refreshments will be served.

3rd Floor

135 Erie Street

Jersey City, NJ

We are located on the third floor, there is an elevator up to our space. Unfortunately, there are a few stairs leading up to the elevator.

We will be open through the weekend for anyone who cannot stop by on Friday!

Phone: (201) 805-7012

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks Required

  • Limited Capacity

  • Social Distancing

  • Deep Cleaning / Disinfecting

  • Sanitation stations for patrons/customers

All people working the event are vaccinated. We will be limiting the number of people in the podcast space and disinfect surfaces in between groups.



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