Dec. 2019 EONTA SPACE presents Jersey City Friday Weekend

(art) (music) (performance) 6pm-10pm EONTA SPACE presents Jersey City Friday Weekend.

Fiber Sculptures Bayard

Special Performances: Saturday: Christopher Sears Bread Boy @ 7/Ticking Man @ 8:30 Sunday: Katelyn Halpern Dancers: Fiber and (k)Not 2-6

Eonta Space will also be open Saturday from 4pm-10 pm and Sunday from 2pm-6pm. 34 Dekalb Ave (Dead End off of Van Reypen St), 201-536-1119. Barrier-free. Family-friendly. Tactile tour.

Work by Bayard

JC Fridays is a free arts festival across Jersey City, NJ presented by Art House Productions. It is held four times a year at the start of every season: March, June, September, and December.
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