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SMUSH Gallery presents Preview of the Essence of Embodiment Festival

Red, flame-like background with text reading: Presented by SMUSH Gallery as part of the Curatorial Fellowship in Dance. Essence of Embodiment Film Festival, March 18-21st, 2021.

Curator Iman Louis-Jeune shares a preview of her upcoming Essence of Embodiment Festival, celebrating somatic movement, dance, and film. She'll share a trailer for the film festival and introduce festival teachers! Essence of Embodiment is presented virtually March 18-21 as part of the SMUSH Gallery Curatorial Fellowship in Dance.



Essence of Embodiment exists to advance BIPOC, Queer, Non-Binary, Transgender and Disabled-Identifying Communities of Artists, Dancers, Filmmakers, Writers through film premieres, movement workshops, and zine publications.

We aim to create a community through embodiment, healing from trauma, and finding joy---- in order to broaden thinking and conversations centered around performance, relationships to food, racial identity and how that relates to the body, the intersection between dance and film, and more.


Through dance and film, we’ll be examining techniques to release fear & trauma, re-align the body with the mind while bringing together a group of multi-generational, multi-racial, dancers, artists, & writers through conversations about lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers. Ultimately exploring the theme of Somatic Awareness, Authority, and Ownership of the Body.

Presented as part of the SMUSH Gallery Curatorial Fellowship in Dance '20-'21

Who We Are:

We are an interdisciplinary artist duo, with a background in filmmaking, theatrical design, writing, and curatorial studies. We aim to make space for minority creators, particularly those in Dance, Film, and Design Fields.

Our Why:

Essence of Embodiment was designed as an opportunity for an artist, dancer, creator, or educator in any form to explore using healing through movement. This event offers a safe and inclusive space for people of all race, gender, sexuality, body type and ability to share insights, increase a sense of belonging and bodily agency, and explore your own paths through this experience. We believe that this is especially crucial at this time, as we approach the one year anniversary of quarantines in the United States and across the globe.

We offer up this moment of rest to build connections, deepen your movement practice, and foster discussions in pursuit of replenishing joy and feelings of empowerment.

Some of our motivations have been: how do you make healing a priority? What do you need to realign your body with your mind? How do you recognize disembodiment? What does it mean to own your body? How do you practice mindfulness?

Essence of Embodiment Festival 2021 is a donation-based four-day virtual experience. Part film festival, part dance intensive---the festival will offer a combination of film premieres, interactive live-streamed work, and talks by established and emerging filmmakers and choreographers, and print publications. EOEFF is one of the few festivals where the filmmakers also facilitate the movement workshops. We hope you’ll enjoy this opportunity to connect and build support around moving through obstacles and realizing your power.

Support Our Work:

Want to Contribute?

Your donations will go towards supporting the behind-the-scenes work that went into Essence of Embodiment Festival 2021, it will allow us to offer a donation-based virtual festival, any future events and workshops, and you’ll continue supporting the artists you know and love. Help us uplift minority voices and work in film and dance! Click here to support SMUSH Gallery

We deeply appreciate your support! |



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