JC Fab Lab / Towhee Co. presents JC Fab Lab - Open House! Art, Design & Fashion

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JC Fab Lab is your local makerspace, and your source for amazing learning sessions for kids and adults. Join as a member or just knock out a project you've been itching to do. You can make things out of wood, metal, acrylic, plastics, stone, glass, and more. Our members design and make jewelry, electric guitars, furniture, garden boxes, home decor, mods for collectable toys, halloween costumes, RC Aircraft & drones, wind-up cars, analog synthesizers, and much more. TUNE IN TODAY!... we'll feature a few of our members and the work they do.

Today, you can see:

  • Design and build a custom planter box using a 4ftx8ft CNC. w/Andrew Coslow & Eric Nadler

  • Meet JC Fab Lab member & Fashion Designer Melissa Gumley from ADHD Design 

  • Meet JC Fab Lab member Andreas Eckberg -- cut paper artworks using a Cameo CNC cutter

  • Hear the SuperBird Analog Synthesizer... designed and built at JC Fab Lab by Eric Nadler & Mark Kleeback

  • Meet the Founder, Eric Nadler -- learn about all of the new classes that JC Fab Lab is offering for the coming Fall. (for kids and adults... and adults who are really kids.). 

  • Discover Augmented Reality, and how we’re using it to teach awesome art and design classes… this is not your average dull workplace Zoom.

  • Learn about our inclusive design efforts -- from fashion to wearables to assistive technologies.