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Free Maison Chainmail Studio // 5:00pm-8:00pm

Friday, March 1, 5pm-8pm

Free Maison

Free Maison name with linked chainmail rings logo above.

Free Maison is reviving the legacy of chainmail in the 21st century. Every Free Maison creation is crafted one ring at a time.

Chainmail, the armor of knights and nobles in prior millennia, now adorns those who want to make a bold statement. Modern armor still grants a sense of safety, protection, and freedom to take on a dangerous world.

Our chainmail creations are designed to transcend traditional fashion norms, offering something special for anyone who values exclusivity and craftsmanship.


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Contact Julia Camacho: 646-309-5348


Phone: 646-309-5348



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