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Dorie Dahlberg: Picture Prompts 1 // 5:00pm-8:00pm

Friday, March 1, 5pm-8pm

Outliers Gallery

157 1st St, Jersey City, NJ 07302 (2nd Floor, Studio 246)

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Dorie Dahlberg

Picture Prompts Dorie Dahlberg March 2024, JC Fridays. As an art teacher for 25 years in Newark, photographic artist Dorie Dahlberg was required to give one writing assignment each cycle. She turned writing days into art history lessons. At the time, picture prompts were a part of standardized tests for third & seventh grade students. Dahlberg had a collection of large museum posters of notable artworks & found several examples with narrative themes. The kids favorite painting was Edward Hopper’s, Gas. When she taught in a bilingual Spanish school, the attendant’s name was usually Jose or Carlos; in the Ironbound in a bilingual Portuguese school, his name was Joāo or Bruno. Dahlberg will present photographs in need of imaginative stories. Come to Outliers Gallery, select a photo or two, and write a few lines, a poem, a haiku… If third graders struggling with English can invent astoundingly amazing tales, so can you!


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