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Guaicora Studios Presents // 5pm - 10pm

Friday, September 9th, 5pm-10pm Alexandra Alvarez @alexillustra Open Studio

A picture of the artist surrounded by her artworks. She is wearing a green dress and has purple hair. from left to right her artwork represents the Jungle, Orchids and, an indigenous character

NOTE: Entrance lobby for the 2nd floor studios is separate from that for the residential units of 150 Bay and can be found at the NE corner of the building, at the corner of 1st St. and Provost St.

After a year of working in event production and creating new art, Alexandra Alvarez comes to show her latest art creations inspired by the rainforest of her native Venezuela. Back to my roots series, comes loaded with a powerful message to preserve the environment and the ancestral knowledge of indigenous tribes. "While I continue painting live in my studio with my daughter, I will welcome you with a Spritz to close this post-pandemic summer," says the artist. Sponsor: Guaicora Studios Collaboration: The Good Project


  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Contact Alexandra via email:

COVID-19 Protocols

  • We will follow the Jersey City COVID- 19 Protocols.


Phone: (551) 697-5753



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