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BroadwayWorld: Art House Announces Lineup For Virtual JC Fridays On September 11, 2020

This article originally appeared on BroadwayWorld.Com.

Art House Productions (Executive Director Meredith Burns) is pleased to announce “Virtual JC Fridays,” on Friday, September 11 at 7:00pm EST - 9:30pm EST, online via Zoom. Jersey City’s premiere quarterly arts festival will showcase a variety of happenings including visual art exhibitions, music performance, and studio tours from 13 participating venues.

Admission is free, advance registration is required to receive the Zoom link. To register, please visit The event will feature live ASL interpretation and Closed Captions. For questions about accessibility and patrons services, please email

JC Fridays is sponsored by Jersey City Municipal Council & Cultural Affairs, Historic Downtown SID, JCEDC; and supported by Art Fair 14C. Support for Access expenses on this production provided in part through funding from Access A.R.T./New York, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T./New York).

“Virtual JC Fridays is the perfect showcase of the diversity within Jersey City’s arts community,” says Producing Director Courtney Little. “By moving the event online and making accessibility a priority, participants will have the unique ability to experience and interact with every venue and artist from the comfort of their own home!”


Art House Productions

Department of Cultural Affairs, Hudson County Community College

Pro Arts at SILVERMAN Hamilton Condominiums

JC Fab Lab / Towhee Co.

Project Greenville

Panepinto Galleries

SMUSH Gallery

8:05pm-8:10pm - Intermission


Theda Sandiford Art

The Art Project at Dvora Pop-Up Gallery

The Arts at St. Paul and Incarnation

No Dominion Theatre Co.

Fine Arts Gallery at Saint Peter's University

Art House Gallery

New Jersey City University Galleries


Dept of Cultural Affairs, Hudson County Community College presents These Are the People in Your Neighborhood

HCCC's Department of Cultural Affairs has created a new community interview series, "These Are the People in Your Neighborhood" in hopes to connect local creatives. HCCC's Director of Cultural Affairs will introduce a new community interview series with Founder of Watch That Negro Magazine, Quinn Williamson., (201) 360-4160

Pro Arts Jerseyscapes III at SILVERMAN Hamilton Square Condominiums

SILVERMAN and The Hamilton Square Condominiums Association presents Pro Arts Jersey City 'Jerseyscapes III at Hamilton Square' curated by Kristin J. DeAngelis and New Jersey City University (NJCU) Gallery Director, Midori Yoshimoto. The show features over 30 New Jersey artists from Pro Arts Jersey City, including Elliot Appeal, Francesca Azzara, Jennifer Krause Chapeau, Gannon Crutcher, Dorie Dahlberg, Tim Daly, Peter Delman, Jim Fallon, Eileen Ferara, Mary Ann Ficker, Allan Gorman, Cheryl Gross, Caridad Kennedy, Deirdre Kennedy, Megan Klim, Robert Kosinski, E. Jan Kounitz, Stephen Krasner, Terry Lively, Beatrice Mady, Mike McNamara, Jake Miller, Harold Olejarz, Jean-Paul Picard, Trix Rosen, Frank Silva, Bryant Small, Linda Streicher, Mollie Thonneson, Loura Van der Meule and Alan Walker. The exhibition will be on view at SILVERMAN’s The Hamilton Square Condominiums through the end of December 2020 during regular business hours and by appointment. The Hamilton Square Condominiums building is located at 232 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302. To schedule a viewing, please contact curator, Kristin J. DeAngelis: (201) 280-4821 or

JC Fab Lab / Towhee Co. presents JC Fab Lab - Open House! Art, Design & Fashion

JC Fab Lab is your local makerspace, and your source for amazing learning sessions for kids and adults. Join as a member or just knock out a project you've been itching to do. You can make things out of wood, metal, acrylic, plastics, stone, glass, and more. Our members design and make jewelry, electric guitars, furniture, garden boxes, home decor, mods for collectable toys, halloween costumes, RC Aircraft & drones, wind-up cars, analog synthesizers, and much more. TUNE IN TODAY!... we'll feature a few of our members and the work they do.

Project Greenville Presents Athena Toledo, Art Therapy Advocate and Instructor

Art therapy is a unique way for community members to express feelings while processing emotion. This art experiential will reflect on self care and coping regimens. Facilitated by Art Therapy Advocate Athena Toledo, featuring visual art from friends of Project Greenville Lester Sanchez and Donchellee Fulwood. Bring your notebook or sketch pad to jot down ideas or sketch along as Athena describes some of the ways members of our community have been using art to deal with the current stressful climate and how you can do the same!

Panepinto Galleries presents Canopy by Hilton Art Collection

As a tribute to the Arts District, Canopy by Hilton showcases the exceptional work of talented local artists selected by the hotel’s Art Curator, Stefania Panepinto of Panepinto Galleries. The area’s dynamic history and energy shine through the colourful murals by Ricardo Roig and Jenna Morello, who pay homage to the Powerhouse Arts District and industrial Jersey City of the past.

“As one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation, Jersey City has an exciting and vibrant art scene that grows stronger and larger each year. We wanted to make sure our guests were able to see and feel the energy of the neighborhood through our eclectic arts program,” said Art Curator Stefania Panepinto. “We are extremely proud of the art on display at the hotel. Not only are the pieces created by local and regional artists but they each tell the story of Jersey City in their own unique manner.” August 5, 2020 - June 15, 2021, on view daily seven days a week! | @panepinto_galleries | T: 201.521.9000

SMUSH Gallery Presents Tour The Zine Show, Hosted by GOMO aka Ghost of Mr. Oberon

Meet GOMO aka the Ghost of Mr. Oberon and tour The Zine Show! He'll sing, you'll laugh, he'll read, you'll contemplate the afterlife and wash it down with a refreshing Coke Zero. After GOMO takes you through his favorite zines, he may feel a song coming on... and he'll try to haunt the Zoom long enough to take your questions and requests. This fall, SMUSH Gallery presents The Zine Show, a crowd-sourced group exhibition celebrating zines as a medium and an attitude. It is accompanied by The Zine Shop, a pop up shop for zines and related merchandise, and both are open through October 31. Please visit for hours and visiting details.

Theda Sandiford Art presents I Am My Hair: Quarantine Edition

Visit Theda Sandiford’s studio to see the recent fiber sculptures and woven tapestries she has been working on in quarantine in response to recent events. Theda will be working live on a new weaving and taking questions from the audience. Watch this dynamic artist share how she processes stress and pain into beauty. (917) 627-9342

The Art Project at Dvora Pop-Up Gallery Presents David W. Cummings and Beatrice M. Mady

Tour of the exhibit with Beatrice M Mady. The exhibit celebrates the life and work of David W. Cummings, a life lived together with Beatrice M. Mady; the couple's work is full of shapes and symbols, and their message is in living color. David's colorful works investigated patter, pop and the legacy of abstract painting since the early 1900s. His works were collected by museums and featured in galleries across the country. David passed from us suddenly last year, but he left the brilliance of his work for us to keep. We are excited to exhibit his and Beatrice’s works together highlighting the exciting ways these two artists' works developed and interacted with each other. (201) 659-0306

The Arts at St. Paul & Incarnation presents UpRooted: A Shared Madness Event

Though the coronavirus has forced most of us into isolation, The Arts at St. Paul & Incarnation (ASPI) invited the artists of Jersey City and the surrounding communities to try collaboration. For this virtual group show, artists were invited to submit their names to be randomly paired with another artist. Each pair then collaborated on a work of art inspired by the theme.The theme for the first Shared Madness event was “UpRooted”. We selected this theme because for most of us, the pandemic has turned our worlds topsy-turvy. We are all affected in one way or another, some drastically and others more subtly. Artist pairings: Beth Bentley & Karen Carattini; Rochelle Fox & Donchellee Fulwood; Nanette Reynolds Beachner & Janhavi Firke; Charles Lane & Seth Friedman; Lillian Bustle & Anna Kasperowitz; Olivia Wilber & Amy Neufeld.

No Dominion Theatre Co. presents Bottled Poetry: A Song Cycle for Acapella Voice

With music by Felix Jarrar and text by Bea Goodwin, Bottled Poetry: a song cycle for acapella voice, is a small snipet of the beautiful operatic work of Jarrar and Goodwin. No Dominion will be presenting their new piece Hindsight later in the fall. Performer: Rebecca Richardson, soprano.

Fine Arts Gallery at Saint Peter's University presents Serious Whimsy

Serious Whimsy features the work of Rodriguez Calero, Cheryl Gross, and Abby Levine. Whimsy because at a cursory glance the work looks amusing and playful but a second look reveals the seriousness of the work. The Fine Arts Gallery will be virtual for the remainder of 2020. This exhibition opens on September 11 and runs through October 23, 2020. The work can be viewed at the following sites:

Art House Gallery presents Winifred McNeill’s "The Air and The Space"

Recent Ceramic Sculpture and Charcoal Drawings. Created in residence at the European Ceramic Art Center, Ositerwijk, The Netherlands, 2019-2020. McNeill’s practice merges sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting. New works were started in December 2019 and completed mid-March, 2020. Begun without any notion of the coming pandemic, they were completed during the lockdown. Each series considers Air as a protagonist, supporting or confronting the figures it surrounds in space.

New Jersey City University Galleries presents Q&A with the Artist Sunil Garg

The light artist Sunil Garg will provide a brief introduction to his current exhibition, Boundless Light, at NJCU Visual Arts Gallery. Using light, form, color, and movement, Sunil Garg creates site-specific installations to turn NJCU’s Visual Arts Gallery into a multi-sensory environment which visitors can freely explore. Through Garg’s artistry, ordinary materials such as paper, chicken wire, and PVC are morphed into ethereal matter, constantly changing impressions, and reflecting colored lights. The artist will answer questions directly from the audience.

Zoom is an online video conferencing software that allows you to virtually interact when in-person meetings and events aren't possible. Participants must have wifi, download the application on a computer or smartphone, and sign up for a free Zoom account to participate. The Art House staff are available to help troubleshoot registration and download; please email for assistance.

Art House Productions is generously supported by The New Jersey State Council on the Arts, MACK-CALI Realty, SILVERMAN, Manhattan Building Company, and CoolVines.

Art House is working creatively to deliver digital content during the pandemic. While the doors to our physical space might be temporarily closed, we are here in the digital space as a source of strength, creativity, humor, and light when you need inspiration and affirmation.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, we're planning artist features & profiles, performance videos, online galleries, and livestreaming community events! For information about upcoming digital events and features, please visit, along with our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more information. To sign up for Art House's mailing list, please click here:

Art House Productions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to the development and presentation of the performing and visual arts in Jersey City, NJ. Art House Productions presents theater, performing and visual arts festivals, arts events, visual art exhibitions, and adult and youth art classes. For more information about our programs, please visit our website at Follow us on social media @arthouseproductions @arthouseprods



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