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Sept. 2019 EONTA SPACE Presents Undoing History & Sagittal

(art) (music) 6pm-10pm EONTA SPACE present two exceptionally divergent exhibitions: Jill Scipione's UNDOING HISTORY & Jonathan Harris's SAGITTAL.

UNDOING HISTORY consists of 47 detailed drawn portraits of skulls part of a decade long project documenting the remains of individuals from around the world and throughout our history dramatically contrasts with Jonathan Harris’s SAGITTAL a series of static auditory scenes evoking awareness of how we engage, psychologically and physically, with different acoustical spaces. Eonta Space will also be open Saturday from 4-8 pm and Sunday from 2-6pm.

34 Dekalb Ave (Dead End off of Van Reypen St), 201-536-1119. Barrier-free. Family-friendly. Tactile tour.

Drawing by Jill Scipione



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