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Towhee Co. Design & ArtTech Night at JC Fab Lab // 2pm - 8pm

Friday, December 2nd, 2:00pm-8:00pm Towhee Co. / JC Fab Lab

Laser cutting acrylic. White acrylic lasercut cellular organic form necklace on black cord. SuperBird DrumSynth guitar pedal for drummers analog synthesizer. ArtTech Model A car kit. DIY kits for kids and adults. Education technology. EdTech. Makerspace. Fab Lab.
Towhee Co. x ArtTech Design (Towhee LLC - copyright 2022). Commercial use by permission only.

Art, music, design, and technology come together at your local makerspace and design studio. Presenting work by artist in residence Ben Webster-Burr HERENOTHERE. Ben began this narrative work during the depths of COVID, and the output continues. Meet the artist and talk to him about this epic work of dystopian past, present and future. Objects, assemblages, video, and ink prints will be on display along with a reading of excerpted experiential content from the work.

AND! Hear the phenomenal SuperBird DrumSynth – the guitar pedal for drummers, designed by Towhee Co. x Overt/Design x Klebtronics (Death By Audio Arcade) at JC Fab Lab. This very limited edition analog synth pedal will be available for sale along with other ArtTech educational technology DIY kits for kids and adults. Looking for gifts? We will have laser cut jewelry by local designer and JC Fab Lab founder Eric Nadler.

Aaaaand…. Makerspace membership is now open again, so definitely come by if you’re interested in learning about design, laser cutting, 3D printing, and woodworking. Individuals and businesses small and large come to us for creating their products and creating signage and displays.

Clothing and accessories designers – this can be your shop. If you love design and working with your mind and your hands, we can help you create local goods from smartly locally sourced materials that can take you from Etsy shop to far beyond.

For more info visit us on instagram @jcfablab @benwbart


  • Wheelchair accessible.

  • All of our designs are created with accessibility built in. And this event is as well. If you have an interest in design or just need something for yourself or someone you know, we have a resident collective called "Presence+ Design" with particular interests in design for accessibility and disabilities. Please come and share your needs and experiences as we are always in product ideation and design, and we are always looking for needs and problems to solve.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks are recommended and may be required if our capacity limits are reached. Please let us know if you have concerns and needs when you arrive.


Phone: (917) 512 4042



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