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Pro Arts Jerseyscapes III at SILVERMAN Hamilton Square Condominiums

img:  logo for Pro Arts Jerseyscapes at Hamilton Square Condominiums  alt:  outline of the state of New Jersey

SILVERMAN and The Hamilton Square Condominiums Association presents Pro Arts Jersey City 'Jerseyscapes III at Hamilton Square' curated by Kristin J. DeAngelis and New Jersey City University (NJCU) Gallery Director, Midori Yoshimoto.

In 2014, to honor of New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary, NJCU Galleries presented a special group exhibition called 'Jerseyscapes' to celebrate the garden state from wide-ranging perspectives. That exhibition was created and curated by Ms. Yoshimoto. It featured over thirty works in diverse media, (including glass sculpture, video, and a public art project), by sixteen local and international artists.

According to Ms. Yoshimoto, “In the original 'Jerseyscapes,' the collected vistas represented, each in their own way, the artists’ particular interests and experiences. As a whole, 'Jerseyscapes' exhibitions invite viewers to explore surprisingly multifaceted views of Jersey City.”

SILVERMAN Curator, Kristin J. DeAngelis, went to see the second iteration of Jerseyscapes in October 2019: 'Revisiting Jerseyscapes.'  She knew instantly she wanted to partner with Ms. Yoshimoto to bring another installment of 'Jerseyscapes' to the SILVERMAN Building Hamilton Square Condominiums. Ms. DeAngelis explains, "Quite often, my curation goal is to connect artists and organizations; to create new synergies and partnerships, as well as, introduce artists to new audiences and art appreciators to new art. 'Jerseyscapes III at Hamilton Square' officially opens on September 11, 2020."

According to Dorie Dahlberg, Co-President, Pro Arts Jersey City, “Pro Arts Jersey City was thrilled by the invitation to extend the 'Jerseyscapes' themed art exhibition to a third time in the lobby of the beautiful SILVERMAN Hamilton Square condominium building in Jersey City.  SILVERMAN Building’s Curator, Kristin DeAngelis' expertise, personable nature, and relationship building skills made it easy for Pro Arts to partner with her from the initial Call for Entries of 'Jerseyscape III' to the hanging of the exhibition.”

The show features over 30 New Jersey artists from Pro Arts Jersey City, including Elliot Appeal, Francesca Azzara, Jennifer Krause Chapeau, Gannon Crutcher, Dorie Dahlberg, Tim Daly, Peter Delman, Jim Fallon, Eileen Ferara, Mary Ann Ficker, Allan Gorman, Cheryl Gross, Caridad Kennedy, Deirdre Kennedy, Megan Klim, Robert Kosinski, E. Jan Kounitz, Stephen Krasner, Terry Lively, Beatrice Mady, Mike McNamara, Jake Miller, Harold Olejarz, Jean-Paul Picard, Trix Rosen, Frank Silva, Bryant Small, Linda Streicher, Mollie Thonneson, Loura Van der Meule and Alan Walker.

These artists are experienced professors, social media gurus, full-time artists, art therapists, and veterans. Their works can be seen in local and international galleries, New Jersey museums and art collectors’ homes. 'Jerseyscapes III' artworks include paintings, reclaimed wood collages, photography, and mixed media depicting ideas, experiences, and moments captured of the state of New Jersey. Scenes include the Meadowlands, the Jersey Shore, the George Washington Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the farmlands of western Jersey.  

Hoboken Artist, Caridad Kennedy has been a lifelong urban dweller, has an added layer of appreciation for nature, and makes that connection daily. “The state of New Jersey has various rural areas, natural preserves, and beaches where you may commune with and observe nature. The landscape is as diverse as its people. I frequent many of those places and store them in my heart and memory to later depict what I remember about my encounter with the landscape.”

Bryant Small, Pro Arts Jersey City, Co-President proclaims, "This show is all about the connection and the inspiration of New Jersey and Pro Arts. It's truly one of the connecting threads of the arts community in North Jersey. By having the exhibition housed and displayed at Hamilton Square Condominiums, one of the beautiful SILVERMAN Building properties, it's a direct link to the people of the Jersey City community. This is the perfect culmination of Art, Community, and Connection.” 

The exhibition will be on view at SILVERMAN’s The Hamilton Square Condominiums through the end of December 2020 during regular business hours and by appointment. The Hamilton Square Condominiums building is located at 232 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ  07302. To schedule a viewing, please contact curator, Kristin J. DeAngelis: (201) 280-4821 or

Pro Arts Jersey City 'Jerseyscapes III at Hamilton Square' is the eleventh exhibition that curator Kristin J. DeAngelis will organize for SILVERMAN. For additional information on Pro Arts Jersey City, please visit For additional information on the curator, please visit:



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