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Open Studio: Jonte Drew, Art Fair 14C Resident Artist

September 10, 6pm-8pm

Jonte Drew is the current resident artist at Art Fair 14C. He is a visual artist from Paterson, New Jersey. He attended William Paterson University, where he received both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2021.

Artist Jonte Drew, young black man with goatee wearing dark maroon suit looks confidently at the camera
Jonte Drew

Jonte’s style is one that utilizes humor to investigate the shared experiences of African Americans in America, the commodification of urban culture and the conversations surrounding mental health. His paintings and drawings often feature himself and other Black individuals in the midst of colorful and idealized environments. In addition, he emphasizes the humanity of his subjects by placing them in various scenes of leisure and domesticity in their plight of finding serenity and joy, while challenging the critical portrayal of masculinity and physicality as it relates to the perception of Black men.

Studio 259

Studio 259 is part of the new studio complex at 150 Bay Street.

NOTE: Entrance lobby for the 2nd floor studios is separate from that for the residential units of 150 Bay and can be found at the NE corner of the building, at the corner of 1st St. and Provost St.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks Required

  • Social Distancing



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