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HERENOTHERE, Chapter 03 // 4pm - 8pm

Friday, December 2nd, 4:00pm-8:00pm JC Fab Lab

Poster announcing opening reception of HERENOTHERE, Chapter 03 by Ben Webster-Burr. A hypermedia narrative happening everywhere and nowhere at any given moment. Ghost-like image of a face on an old factory window with chipped paint and with a beautiful orange sunset behind it.
HERENOTHERE, Chapter 03. Opening reception 4-8PM EST and 6PM EST LIVE reading. Mana Contemporary 888 Newark Ave., #B81. JC, NJ 07306. "Sunset Face" copyright BenWebster-Burr 2022.

Artwork + LIVE Reading by artist-in-residence Ben Webster-Burr

HERENOTHERE brought to you thanks to Towhee Co (@towheeus) and JC Fab Lab (@jcfablab).

Ben began this hypermedia narrative work during the depths of COVID and the output continues. The work includes photographs, graphic collages, 3D assemblages, short form video narratives, hand-made ink prints, and most impressively, a design concept prototype for a mental health wearable called Locus – a bio-wearable watch that monitors your anxiety, eye movement, stress, activity, and sleep patterns.

After an adequate analysis period, the watch will provide therapeutic sensory output that will evolve over time and change to meet the user’s changing needs.

This innovative practical product is fully accessible and designed for everyone. Simple to use, but vast under the hood, Locus uses tried and true bio-sensors and individualized user-customized Q&A combined with a contemporary AI implementations where appropriate.. Locked down for PGP+/HIPPA compatible privacy from typical government and commercial entities, the system is open source and shuns the big brands, using its own open source platform.

Locus First appeared online at Future Life - Fiction (

Meet the artist & talk to him about this epic work of dystopian past, present + future. Objects, video, assemblages + ink prints will be on display and available for purchase. Limited edition NFTs can be issued for purchase in lieu of original physical works of art. Please enquire @benwbart on Instagram for purchases.


  • Wheelchair accessible.

  • All of our designs are created with accessibility built in. And this event is as well. If you have an interest in design or just need something for yourself or someone you know, we have a resident collective called "Presence+ Design" with particular interests in design for accessibility and disabilities. Please come and share your needs and experiences as we are always in product ideation and design, and we are always looking for needs and problems to solve.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks are encouraged. If we do reach full capacity we may require masks, so please bring one.



Phone: (917) 512 4042



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