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"ANCIENT SHINY THINGS" A Pop-Up Event with Robert Schwarz // 5pm-8pm

Friday, December 1, 5pm-8pm

Novado Gallery

Four images, including the title "Shiny Ancient Things", 3 images of shiny ancient coins on jewelry settings photographed in moss or sand.
Robert Schwarz for Artifact Jewelry

Introducing, Shiny Ancient Things: Artist Robert Schwarz unveils an exquisite jewelry collection, seamlessly blending history with modernity. Drawing from childhood dreams, Schwarz meticulously transforms ancient Greek, Roman, and Persian coins into distinctive jewelry. Each piece, exclusively sourced and authenticated, undergoes intricate cleaning and preservation, emanating timeless energy.

Schwarz, who is very knowledgeable on the history of the ancient coins, will be on hand to discuss the how the coins variations and nuances came to be. Patrons will gain a deeper appreciation of these stunning, wearable, Shiny Ancient Things.

All of the pieces are available for purchase. Opening reception is Jersey City's First Friday, December 1 from 5-8pm. Shiny Ancient Things with Rob Schwarz continues Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm


  • Wheelchair Accessible




Phone: 201-744-6713



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